Mobile Eyes

Screwtop Media Mobile-Eyes development platform

Mobile Eyes® - Screwtop Media's "White Label" interactive content delivery platform – is designed to provide companies with a website, mobile site and native mobile application … all from one single code base. It’s like getting three services all in one!

The Mobile Eyes platform is an extensible and scalable software framework that works for all your digital needs. There is no need to worry about integration between your website, mobile site and mobile app – it is one source code that covers all your digital requirements. Mobile Eyes is completely compatible with such functions as geo-targeting, ecommerce and social media as well as augmented reality technology. For example, it can be utilized in the retail industry, providing your customers a customized, immersive experience, highlighting various actions provided across all your business’s marketing touch points at once. Its uses are only as limited as your imagination.

This immersive experience isn’t only for brick-and-mortar facilities. Mobile Eyes has been used at festivals and other large events, as well as with off-site engagement opportunities. The framework has deep social networking integration points, and can be pushed to social networks by the user or by you, increasing your reach to potential customers. Whether you use it to highlight your company’s facility, promote ecommerce discounting, engage in geo-location tagging, or enhance sponsorship opportunities, Mobile-Eyes is your solution.

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